McCord Christensen

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
Mr. Christensen founded PetIQ in 2010 and has served as our Chief Executive Officer since our inception and is a member of our board of directors. In 2015, Mr. Christensen was named Chairman of our board of directors. In addition to his leadership responsibilities as Chairman and CEO, Mr. Christensen’s expertise in retail and consumer products has enabled PetIQ to deliver targeted and well executed commercial programs and products across the retail industry. Prior to founding PetIQ, Mr. Christensen gained extensive retail and management experience working at Albertson’s and as an executive in consumer product companies selling to leading U.S. retailers. We believe Mr. Christensen’s qualifications to serve as a director of our Company include his experience in the consumer and retail industries, his expertise in corporate strategy and development and his demonstrated business acumen. Mr. Christensen holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Boise State University.
Chairman of the Board